Unleashing true potential of industrial assets and infrastructures, optimizing efficiencies making lean operations and extending their life cycle while paving the way towards a sustainable future and eco friendly dismantling.

Our story started in 2012 as Drone Services, promoting DATA gathering with remote sensing as our focus for big agricultural operations in South America. At that point several changes on sensors capacities changed the way we were looking our future and in 2018, with USS Security Group entering as a partner and having the knowledge and skills to face a pivoting change to Industrial assets maintenance, we focus our operations on Energy Market and their assets Maintenance & Operations inspection activities.

DATA as the new Oil became our mantra, and after understanding that AI and Machine learning would play a big role for the future of our customers, we definitely change our name to Drone Ai Services (DAiS). The advances in drone inspection and drone data management with AI/ML processing technologies are not just changing how infrastructures conduct inspections—they are redefining what is possible.

DAiS provides a comprehensive suite of tools and expertise to not only empower but to innovate for the challenges and Decision Intelligence of tomorrow.

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