Energy & Utilities, Infrastructures and Industrial Assets in general needs team works, to convert physical surrounding into digital data and offer real-world insights linked to asset planning & monitoring. Aerial surveys can be scoped from the office, instead of the usual physical visit, including time and logistics expenditures.


Using Digital Twins surveys, we play a major role across emergency management phases such as urgent response, mitigation and preparedness for site recoveries and production. Assisting risk reduction initiatives through hazard areas identification is a priority to understand the magnitude of events.


Uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) can access hard-to-reach places faster, cheaper and with less risk than manual inspections, and potentially allow the asset to remain on line. They may also be able to carry out basic maintenance tasks.

Oil & Gas

DAiS execute numerous projects to act with maintenance crews linked to regulatory compliance, to solve utility asset mechanical failures, mapping and management, etc. where access to accurate geospatial information is critical to success.


Using accurate digital terrain models makes a significant difference in reducing the effect of leaks and or floods. Orthophotos helps services crews gain a clear knowledge of the before and after damage.


Estimated Savings Achievable with Drone based asset inspections are:
Oil rigs: 90%
Storage Tanks: 70%
Electrical Utilities: 60%
Wind Turbines: 50%
Solar Parks: 40%
Understanding the full potential of DATA is what Digital Transformation is all about, evolution of business through data Science is what we bring to production facilities.

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